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About Kayak Fishing League

Kayak Fishing League (KFL) is a nonprofit organization that organizes a nation-wide, team-based kayak fishing league. Kayak Fishing League’s mission is to further the sport of kayak fishing using a team format, and to create, fence, and generate interest in endemic and non-endemic sponsors. We also work with communities, and promote great stewardship of our recreational fishing resources.

Our league consists of men and women who enjoy and participate in the sport of kayak fishing. Competition is structured as follows:

Team Structure

Anglers form and/or are selected for teams.

Teams may include primary anglers and a limited number of alternates.

Each team must have a manager who solicits sponsors and communicates with KFL and relays relevant information to the team members.

Kayak Fishing League

Team Management and Event Scheduling

Once approved, team members must all read, sign and return the standard KFL contract.

KFL places teams in regional tournament divisions that compete for prizes and advancement.

The teams compete in a bracket-style tournament with home and away events against other teams in their regions.

KFL Tournaments use an on-line tournament management system for angler submissions in a Catch-Photo-Release format

KFL tournaments are broadcast live.

As teams advance, they qualify for later rounds of the tournament.

The KFL season concludes with a championship event.

KFL oversees the rules, team scheduling, event judging and approving transactions of each team as well as distributing any league income from sponsorships and or any income derived that is a revenue shared agreement between KFL and its sponsors. KFL reserves the sole right to discipline any player and/or team that in its actions may not be in the best interest of the overall league and cause damage to the league itself.

The KFL consists of a Commissioner, Director of Operations, Director of Marketing and Director of Media.