KFL Week 1

There is no “I” in KFL

As the Maulers lifted the trophy in the inaugural KFL seasons it opened a small window into the DNA of what champions are made of. Fast forward through a vast expansion of franchises, free agent signings and trades and week 1 of the new season is already in the books. As nice as it would be to sit here and talk about week one winners we will opt to not be so dull and talk about a much darker subject.

Reality has set in for half the league. You took a fat L. No problem. After all it’s only one game right? Negative. This isn’t your standard fishing tournament where you can write off and get back at them next week. You aren’t in complete control as the angler. You have teammates who may or may have not performed. You may not have even been started by your manager. The truth is for these teams there will already be whispers from team members about how they should have started, they would have done better than X player or the team should be doing ______.  KFL is unlike any other fishing event and the roster balance creates a whole new set of issues for those in charge.

This is just the start. We are only a week in and the road isn’t getting any easier for the managers of these teams. As disgruntled members sit the bench, players aren’t available for match ups and the hope of playoffs surely dies these managers will be put under extreme pressure. But Blake my team wouldn’t do that. LOL. Of teams that decided not to reinstate their franchise this year all were losing teams last year. The first teams to sign up? Winners. Winning is the cure all.

But not all hope is lost. There were a few teams who struggled last year and came out this year with a strong showing. Important signings and lake selection can make a huge difference. It’s my favorite part of the KFL watching how these teams come together and so often crumble apart. Here’s to another great year and many roster moves to come.