Knights Rebound in Week 3

Kngihts win 167.25″ to 163.50″

The Knights protect the House and serve the West Virginia Appalachian Anglers their first loss of the KFL – Kayak Fishing League. Final score: Knights 167.25 to 163.5

The Knights went into week 0-2 and needed a huge momentum switch. After starting off this season on the road, the Knights were excited to turn the season around at home on Lake Manitou.  After a strong practice, the Knights felt confident in their game plan, with several patterns and locations established, confidence was high amongst the team.

On game day, the visiting West Virginia Appalachian Anglers got off to a very quick start, while the Knights faced a few struggles in the early hours of the event. However, the team was able to adjust and make the right moves and start chipping away at the lead.

About midway through the event, Indy Knights player Adam Murray, was finally able to fire up an offshore school he had been working on all morning. Adam began to land some quality keepers, helping the Knights tie up the score and allow Bryan, Mike, and Sam to start fishing for quality, rather than numbers. As Adam kept landing fish, Mike made a big move and it paid off with some key upgrades for the Knights. Going into the final hours, the Knights had a solid lead and just needed to hold on. West Virginia continued to make it interesting with some upgrades of their own, but Adam’s school just kept on providing quality upgrades for the Knights as well, pushing the team to it’s first victory of the season!


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