Knights set their crosshairs on the Ambassadors in Week 2

Week 2 line up for the Indianapolis Knights from left to right: Bryan Sparks, Mike Elsea, Jason Cassetty, and Sam Jones

After a disappointing week one, the Indianapolis Knights were amped up for week two of the inaugural KFL season.  On the road again this week, the team set their crosshairs on Northern Michigan’s Fletchers Pond, facing off against the Motor City Ambassadors. Going into this competition, the Knights team knew they were up against a tough opponent and would have to fish at their absolute best to steal a victory on the road. After 2 days of practice, the Knights felt confident in their areas and strategy going into game day.

The starting lineup presented for week two consisted of 2019 KBF National Champion, Mike Elsea, Jason Cassetty, Bryan Sparks, and Sam Jones. All four anglers were eager to put their skill sets and knowledge to the test against the Ambassadors. On tournament day, conditions had completely flipped.  The overcast skies, wind, and rain found in practice, had moved out leaving high pressure, slick, calm waters, and much warmer temperatures.

These conditions forced the Knights to adapt quickly and adjust in order to stay competitive in this event. Early on, Knights Players, Jason Cassetty and Bryan Sparks,  lit up the scoreboard early and often giving the team the momentum it needed to push past the tough conditions. Trading blows with the Ambassadors, the Knights continued to put up fish throughout the day. Going into the final two hours with the match tied up, conditions began to shift once again with moderate cloud cover and heavy wind gusts moving back into the area. Once again, the Knights were forced to make some key adjustments.

With the score too close for comfort, Mike Elsea and Sam Jones made a move to a similar area and began to put together a nice run of quality upgrades for the team. Meanwhile, the Ambassadors were doing much of the same.  In the end, the Knights fell to the Ambassadors by just 5 inches, never finding the crucial kicker bite they needed to take a victory on the road.

The Knights left Michigan with their heads held high knowing that they pushed it to the limits and put up a strong fight against a tough opponent. Now 0-2, the Knights look to rebound at home in week 3 against the Appalachian Anglers.


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